Sunday, September 26, 2010

Q's Elephants

With the impending birth of my nephew Q, his parents invited me to create a painting for his room. I was excited at the idea.

Here is his room:

I wasn't sure what to do and naturally went with the already existing elephant theme. Since the work would have to be shipped, size was a concern. That led me to do a triptych to best use the wall space. I am happy with the outcome and so are Q's parents. I hope the paintings serve to visually enrich Q's world.

click for larger images
3 12''x12'' collage, acrylic on board

Maybe I should start taking commissions. ;)

"bamboo earrings, at least two pair"

I find that if art is too forced, I lose interest. Sometimes, I have to switch it up from odd little creatures and do a hot cartoon lady... or something like that.

This started out on a 5''x3'' ink drawing. Then, I magically transported it onto the 6''x12'' board.

collage, acrylic



Life is like a constant struggle of priorities. I aim to give my art (and this blog) the attention and energy they deserve.