Sunday, May 22, 2011

Friends Making Art

Life in this capitalist spectacle is still not permitting time for me to create much art.
(I have dabbled in the creation of gifs for fun though.)

Whether I am creating art or not, it always inspires me and makes me feel good when friends are.

Derek Weisberg recently took part in the Modern Fabulists show in Bristol, England. The pieces are some of the best I have seen from him. He also had pieces in ArtPadSF.

My long lost friend and all-around hilarious guy Josh Fernandez had a book published! I am really excited about it. So much so, I am actually reading a poetry book.

Alana Douvros has been stepping up her jewelry game in Southern California and she has some awesome pieces.

My friends in The Old Firm Casuals have released their first 7’’ and are beginning to play shows. They have quite the buzz, play oi! (in the vein of The Templars), and are a lot of fun.